The Thuja Occidentalis is the first tree of American origin that was brought to Europe.
Thuja Occidentalis is Latin for “ tree of life “

The plants are very winter hard and will stand heavy snowfall without any problem.
It is an ideal hedging plant. The thuja has the ability to produce the pigment Anthocyanin at low temperatures, which turns the leaves into drab brown in winter.

In summer they will colour fresh and golden like again.

Also it is used by landscapers, as solitair, evergreen tree.

The Thuja will grow very well in the colder regions of Europe, especially Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Russia and the Baltic stated.

The 5 specifics in the genius Thuja are small to large evergreen trees with flattened branchlets

If maintained well the trees will grow from 3 to even 60 meters high.
We have available all sizes, from bare root seedlings of 20-30 cm, up to and including the sizes 250-300 cm.

They can be delivered in pots, rootball, wired rootball or in bare root ( only for the smaller sizes ).

We preferably ship the thuja into stackable palet boxes of 100×120 cm, 2 boxes on 1 pallet place, or for the larger sizes into pallet with ring on 1 pallet place.

It is also possible to load the loose into the truck.

The ideal period to plant will be either in spring from February till end of may, or in Autumn, from beginning October till end of November, depending on the weather conditions.

The Thuja are grown in Holland on a sandy/clay soil, which will assure a firm and dense root system.