The ‘Taxus’ ( Conifer ) is an evergreen tree with a thin brown bark which is frequently used as hedge decoration. Also it can grow up to 20 meters wit a diameter of 2 to 3 meters.

The plant is a winter hardy, therefor all it can stand heavy snowfall without any problem. This results in  the fact that it has leaves that are dark green and flat, 1 to 4 centimeter’s long and 2 to 3 millimeters broad.

Taxus is very commonly used as a hedge decoration plant and, although, solitair trees are also very popular amongst landscapers.

Under good conditions Taxus can reach an age of over 500 years. For example in Britain you can find a living specimen from the 11th century. However, it is quite difficult to determine the age correctly.

It is a poisonous tree, due to a number of taxine alkaloids. The seeds contain the highest concentration of the taxine alkaloids.

In 1967 there was discovered that Taxus can be effective as an anti-cancer agent.

There are over 200 cultivars species which are relative to the ‘Conifer’.

Popular varieties of the Taxus are the ‘Baccata’, ‘Media Hicksii‘ and ‘Media Hillii‘.

They can be delivered in various sizes, from 20cm. in P. 9 up to and including 250-300 cm. with wired rootball.

Most common sizes for the Taxus are 60-60 cm, 80-100 cm and 100-125 cm. to be used as hedging plants.

‘Taxus is mostly bought by landscape designers, garden centers and wholesalers.

The minimum um order quantity is 1 box-pallet of 100 x 120 cm or a pallet with ring.

We can ship throughout the whole of Europe.