Quality Ensured

We will check the quality and the availability of the requested flora.
We ask to receive actual photo’s of the offered plants or trees.

Besides that, we regularly visit the growers to see how they are working and to check the quality and availability of the plants and trees.

Plants Benefits is member of platforms such as Floraxchange, Winntree, Varb and Floriday, where growers publish their assortment and available stock.

On these sites most of the available plants and trees are exposed together with the quantities and prices.

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Quality and Logistics
Quality and Logistics


We will inform you about the best possible way of packing (on. CC’s, loose loaded or loading in pallet-boxes or on pallets).
When loading is only possible on CC’s, we will arrange the supply of the CC’s and shelves to the grower to make it as facile as possible. When the order is through we arrange direct loading possibilities at the growers in order to keep the logistic costs as low as possible.

You will be exactly informed concerning the loading volume, requested loading-meters in the truck, loading address and loading-date.

We are here for your convenience