The Prunus Laurocerasus is a common evergreen shrub which can grow out to a small/medium sized tree.
The evergreen shrub has a maximum height of 6 to 16 meter.
Under good growing conditions it can even grow 18 to 20 meter tall.

Prunus has leathery dark green leaves. The Prunus is flowering in early spring and will come to full flowering in early summer.
The evergreen shrub produces small cherry fruit of 1 to 2 centimeter which turn black when ripe in the beginning of autumn.

Very often the Laurocerasus is used in hedges, although it is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant, which is very popular amongst landscapers.

The prunus does respond very well to pruning, which will result in better and more beautiful growth.

There are over 40 cultivars known and the most popular are the Prunus Laurocerasus Novita, Laurocerasus Rotundifolia and Laurocerasus Herbergii.
As the plants grow very rapid it sometimes can be an invasive plant, which kills the native plants species.
The Prunus Laurocerasus is a winter-hard plant and can be planted in the whole of Europe.

Especially in countries as Denmark, Austria and the Baltic states it is a very popular plant.
Prunus Laurocerasus is mostly bought by landscapers, garden centers and wholesalers.

They can be delivered in various sizes, from 20cm. in P. 9 up to and including 250-300 cm. with wired rootball al.
Most common sizes are 60-60 cm, 80-100 cm and 100-125 cm. to be used as hedging plants.

The minimum order quantity is 1 box-pallet of 100 x 120 X 120 cm or a pallet with ring of 100 x 120 x 240 cm.