Buxus is an evergreen which exists out of 70 species Buxacaea that are mostly used in horticulture.
Only a few of these species are frost-tolerant.

The shrubs grow native in western and southern Europe, and even in Madagascar they can be found.
It is a very slow growing evergreen shrub with a hight between 2 and 10 meter.

It flowers with small, yellow-green flowers. The leaves are leathery. Buxus is mostly used as evergreen hedges and also for topiary. As the buxus is a slow growing shrub, it is an ideal shrub for topiary.

Various figures can be made out of the buxus by carefully pruning. Balls, pyramids, cones, spirals and even animals can be shaped out of the Buxes.

As the wood of the buxus has a high density, it is ideal to be used for chess pieces and in the horticulture. Also the wood is ideal for instruments ( bagpipes and stringed instruments ).
The shrubs are available in various sizes, starting from P. 9, with a hight of 20 cm. to solitaire shrubs with a hight of 250cm+ with root ball.

The ideal way of transport is into box pallets of loose loaded into the truck.